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Investor relations benchmark 4: How often do you “manually” add content to your IR website?

Lead generation is a BIG DATA deal for marketing. We’re always adding and adjusting content (like this blog). We hug, cuddle and nurture every report we can – to identify issues, trends and contacts. Why?  Because we turn that traffic into targets.

But what about IR? As a function, does IR take action upon their IR website traffic? More importantly, if they’re not, does this impact their content creation? Perhaps they are not given (sold) the right tools.


Our view? We feel the traffic from IR websites IS actionable, just like it is for sales and marketing. That viewpoint was the genesis for Inbound Investor Targeting, an exclusive reporting feature within our investor relations website service, IR Room MST.

You can read about IR Room MST here.

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Investor relations benchmark 3: What format Annual Report will your company produce?

The next questions in this infographic series are PR Newswire & Vintage Filings cross-over questions about annual reports. We asked IR and corporate secretaries how their annual report is produced.

We already know, as reported in our Shareholder Confidence 365 Study, what annual report format investors favor (click here)but how does that align with actual production?

Cheerfully, pretty darn close.



Our view? Print is not dead, but it has limited appeal. View more study results here AND request a custom print quote from us. Be careful about your production. We offer a variety of print options to match your aesthetics, quantity needed and budget.

What do investors want? Download this white paper.

Investor relations benchmark 2: Do you use slides on your quarterly call?

The next question in this new infographic series came from a meeting where we spoke about how PR and IR were not the “converging” practices, but actually IR and “content marketing” – which is webspeak for telling stories rather than posting advertisements. That’s ALWAYS been investor relations.

One of the favored web communication drivers is visuals (like our infographic below)…and from our 365 Shareholder Confidence study, we KNOW investors like visuals. In fact, over 90% of investors told us that seeing slides during your earnings webcast would help them better understand your company’s financials and future. (view that infographic here)

But how many IR departments are making slides for the call? More than expected, but still a bit of a disconnect from what investors would like.


Our view? The marketing opinion for 2014 IR is do not dwell on “social media” yet. Concentrate on creating and delivering desired RICHER content into your existing communications channels first.  Then you can use that same content elsewhere. 

What do investors want? Download this white paper.

Investor relations benchmark 1: Do you “tweet?”

This first question of this new infographic series came from a client discussion. The client was more than a little frustrated at the barrage and band wagoning surrounding social media and IR.

We spoke about the report NIRI issued in June, however more granularity was requested – specifically as the conversation initiated from our Twitter and StockTwits “how-to” whitepaper.

They wanted peer stats on the direct use of Twitter and StockTwits from within investor relations departments. Not the corporation’s use, not the brand’s, etc. Just the IR department organically.

If you complete the study’s math, under 8% of IR departments tweet themselves organically. The verbatim comments are very to-the-point.


Our view? Shareholder communications is a mosaic. Targeting your message and energies (aka marketing) is important. Twitter and (especially) StockTwits have a bazillion investors reading the streams ~ getting your news into those streams in a risk and burden-free manner would be good communications.

That’s the advice in our Twitter and StockTwits “how-to” whitepaper.

Have a great day.

New IR benchmarking series begins tomorrow on this blog

Following on the methodology and success of the Shareholder Confidence 365 study, tomorrow we are publishing the first results of our new IR benchmarking series. Mostly, this series will focus on the very tactical shareholder communications aspects of IR.


The format:

Asking one single question every couple of weeks was extremely successful at pulling answers directly from investors for the Shareholder Confidence 365 study. Asking a single question seemed to eliminate that fatigue we all feel taking long surveys… especially online. The difference now being that instead of canvassing investors, we will be canvassing investor relations practitioners.

The first question was sent out two weeks ago. The response has been terrific. We have almost 600 answers.

We’re going to try to keep the questions tactical, useful and in many cases a logical companion of what we asked investors in the Shareholder Confidence 365 study. If you have not done so, please download the study here. It tells a lot about investor behavior in regards to shareholder communications.

Lastly, we are going to publish the results, straight-up, as a fast-to-read infographic without any “PR Newswire service provider” bias editorial. You all already know our products and services are wicked awesome. 

Hey, maybe by tomorrow, we’ll have a better name than “IR benchmarking series.” Seems to work, though.

Have a great day.