“Please hold your DAM* questions until after the DAM tour”

*Digital Asset Management

Everything is digital today, from banking transactions to text messages to meeting a potential spouse. Running a business has most definitely gone digital, with communication, organization, and more all available at the touch of a button. And one of the most important ways companies can leverage digital technologies is to organize, search, store, edit, and distribute company assets to coworkers and business partners using Digital Asset Management (DAM). Exactly what it sounds like but so much more powerful than that, Digital Asset Management helps companies make the absolute best use of the ever-expanding library of digital documents they create every day. DAM is utterly indispensable to today’s businesses, and here are just a few reasons why:

Replacing Old Systems

Once upon a time, companies organized their digital assets using file folders. Yet recent high turnover among employees has combined with the sheer amount of digital assets being created by today’s firms to require a new approach to sorting and accessing projects and pieces of documentation.

And this is absolutely a need, not a want! Companies today are storing their assets across a range of locations like the cloud, shared drives, wikis, personal emails, and other places important assets can be lost or forgotten. And when that happens, the scramble to hunt down the right file amid a decentralized, disorganized mess can create more inefficiency than before, actually lowering productivity!


Here are just some of the many benefits of using a DAM system to store all of a company’s digital assets for easy access:

  • DAM makes it possible to take work wherever one goes, so all that’s needed is a laptop or even table to get some serious work done on the road
  • A companywide storage and organization system everyone knows how to use will increase productivity, promote corporate culture, and prevent the loss of productivity caused by people hunting out lost files
  • Leadership can change permissions on individual files easily, toggling who can access individual files with a few taps of a button

Full Disclosure

DAM systems make it a breeze to share documents, projects, and files with employees, contractors, and even business partners or potential acquisitions or buyers. Collaborating and negotiating both become easy when any given pertinent file is just a swift interaction away. A partner who needs a spreadsheet can receive it quickly, and a potential buyer who wants internal documentation can receive it minutes after asking.

For assistance choosing the correct Digital Asset Management software, companies should contact their trusted financial printing firm. Some such services provide their own DAM software, and certainly know what suite to recommend. Help is available to leverage DAM for content management, XBRL and SEC Filings, and every business transaction from Mergers & Acquisitions to IPOs.

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