Capital Markets Disruptor: Real Estate Crowdfunding in the USA

Guest bloggers: Mark Schonberger, Partner and Daniel Koehler, Associate

Public REITs and other sponsors of real estate funds and projects have traditionally enjoyed the benefit of a broad range of choices to raise capital. Public REITs can obtain financing on a project-by-project basis or at the corporate level by means of public offerings or private placements, and REITs can also access capital as sponsors of their own opportunity funds or through strategic joint ventures. Similarly, private real estate sponsors have historically relied on a variety of nonpublic capital raising mechanisms at the property, joint venture or fund level.

We’re proud to have supported Goodwin Procter by providing the Regulation A+ data for this article and whitepaper.

Each of these means offers unique advantages and disadvantages, and each figures prominently in the real estate investment landscape. However, that landscape is poised to be considerably disrupted by the advent of real estate crowdfunding, which can lower the cost of raising capital while offering a broader range of investment options.



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