Benefits of our Merger, Part 3: XBRL

Toppan Vite Launches Self-Service Platform, Hive® XBRL

Powered by Certent, Hive® XBRL is an all-in-one solution for disclosure management services 

NEW YORK – March 29, 2017Toppan Vite, a leading international financial printing, communications and technology company for mission-critical content in capital markets transactions, financial reporting and regulatory compliance filings, has launched Hive® XBRL, powered by Certent, an all-in-one solution for disclosure management services. Hive® XBRL, a SaaS solution now available to Toppan Vite’s clients through the recent acquisition of Vintage, provides users with greater control over reporting processes by eliminating manual workflows and inefficiencies, and improving turnaround times and collaboration.

Hive® XBRL’s advantages include:

  • the ability to connect to underlying source accounting systems, providing easy access to financial information;
  • connection to Excel, Word or PowerPoint, allowing users to link data and tables (even content from excel spreadsheets);
  • the capability to avoid manually cutting and pasting data entries; and
  • quality assurance.

The platform also allows team members to effectively collaborate and simultaneously edit, comment on, and review documents inclusive of XBRL tagging and reviews.

“We’re incredibly excited about the launch of our Hive® XBRL platform,” said Jeffrey Riback, President of Toppan Vite. “Based on the flawless feedback from the Vintage client-base already using the platform, we’re launching a true solution to the pervasive challenges that are facing XBRL users. Hive® XBRL improves upon the manual process and streamlines data management and control, and reporting and filings. This technology provides businesses with a significant opportunity through the platform’s efficient software to save time and money.”

Hive® XBRL is now part of Toppan Vite’s three-tier customizable approach to XBRL filing, FleXBRL. FleXBRL provides our clients with three completely customized service offerings;

  • XBRL Full-service Model – filings are wholly completed by our team of XBRL subject-matter experts for client’s who are new to the XBRL world or prefer a “hands-off” approach
  • Hive® XBRL – our intuitive self-service platform giving clients complete control over reporting processes by eliminating manual workflows and inefficiencies, and improving turnaround times and collaboration
  • XBRL Hybrid Model – an XBRL-filing model that best meets our client’s companies specific standards, work practices and requirements by combining Hiveâ XBRL with a dedicated support team to provide guidance throughout the entire process of using our SaaS solution

Learn more about Toppan Vite’s XBRL offerings:

Our highly-skilled team of XBRL subject-matter experts, based in Denver, Colorado provide 24/7 support for all XBRL service models.

Hive® XBRL is one of the multiple applications included in Hive® Solutions, Toppan Vite’s proprietary suite of technology services and offerings. Through Hive®, the company offers tools for managing content and workflow, while distributing documents securely and effectively. Hive® Solutions’ multiple service platforms include Hive SEC Self-File – Toppan Vite’s self-service platform for filing Section 16 forms, Form 8-K, etc., – Hive® Virtual Data Rooms (VDR), Hive® Marketing Solutions and Hive®  Content Control.

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