REPORT: 51% of Wall Street investors say video builds trust

So, the question for issuers is now “what is the tipping point to start using video?” 51% seems right.

Admittedly, adopting video for webcast events had been an enormous TECHNICAL and FINANCIAL pain in the butt – especially when coupled with the angst surrounding an earnings report. However, with free and easy applications “Facebook Live,” any public company can effortlessly video stream (high-resolution) their earnings call.

From a phone. 



Certainly, AESTHETICS and brand are considerations… and that is an important discussion. That said, with just over half of institutional investors indicating that “seeing is believing,” it’s time for IR and the entire corp comm team to have that discussion.

Video is ubiquitous with younger (and future) investors. NOTE: if you need guidance, we have a full department (MultiVu) dedicated to video production.

Click here to request the complete Shareholder Confidence 365 Study.

About the study

Initially launched in 2012, the Shareholder Confidence 365 Study is an ongoing survey targeted at two key constituents with whom public companies communicate: institutional investors and individual investors. It was the first study of its kind — directly asking investors how they consume investor relations content. In 2014, we published an updated study.

For this 2016 iteration, we have segmented and compared the results between institutional investors and individual investors. To date. we have accumulated over 6,870 responses from a pool of 16,000 buy-side analysts & portfolio managers and from over 15,000 long-term holding retail investors. There are 29 questions.

Questions include:

  • How often do you visit IR websites?
  • Why do you visit IR websites?
  • Do you use Twitter for stock research?
  • Would a CEO video instill trust?
  • Do you use earnings estimates?

The inbound response ratio is 1:3, Wall Street to Main Street. All of the data is unedited, except for any typos within the comments and the exclusion of inappropriate comments.


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