Update your EDGAR contact information by Jan. 30 to prevent deadline angst: step-by-step instructions


Our step-by-step guide will ease your pain!

On January 30th, 2017, the SEC is updating the security process for the EDGAR Passphrase reset. The Passphrase is essential for any filing entity – company or individual – to generate a new CCC, PMAC and Password.

It is essential that entities confirm and update their EDGAR contact information before the Jan 30th deadline.

After that date, if the contact information is not correct, the new Passphrase “security token” cannot be sent to the filer trying to reset their Passphrase.

  • Without this token, significant delays may occur – beyond 48 hours. Specifically, filers will need to provide authorization to have their codes reset, and in the case of a company, the request must be on company letterhead. If a Power of Attorney (POA) is provided, it must be manually signed. Clearly, this will affect a filer’s ability to timely submit their filings.
  • With the token, Passphrase updating should take just a few minutes.

To mitigate your risk of filing late due to misplaced codes and passwords, we have created this brief How to Update Your EDGAR Contact Information guide.

IMPORTANT: We can proactively manage the “Passphrase Update” and “Form ID” processes with you. It’s part of the client service support we offer at Vintage.

If you have any difficulty / are unable to log-in to confirm or edit your EDGAR contact information, please reach out to our client services team immediately BY CLICKING HERE to send an email to VintageCS@thevintagegroup.com.

Note: In line with the SEC’s processes for proposals, we are awaiting final acceptance of  this new rule. 

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