StockTwits drives 89% of $cashtagged social media investor traffic

stvtwitterEvery now-and-again, it’s good to take a glance at social media in context to investor relations. Certainly, one of the strengths of social media is that it is (mostly) fiscally free. You can experiment. That said, there is a time cost/burden to consider. 

This post is not a competitive debate between StockTwits and Twitter. Although they are distinctly different channels, you do not have to choose one over the other. This is a discussion about targeting your shareholder communications to social media-minded investors… maximizing your efforts in social media.

Every Monday in Q4 2016, I simultaneously posted identical $cashtagged content into both the networks of StockTwits and Twitter. The inbound traffic generated from that outbound was monitored and measured.

The outbound content drove, directly due to the $cashtags, 540 inbound traffic referrals. StockTwits delivered 89% of the traffic compared to Twitter’s 11%.

Bottom-line: if and when you are sharing your IR content into social media, if your company is tweeting your $cashtagged content only into Twitter and not into StockTwits, you are walking away from most all of your social media investors.

And… if you are not including your $cashtag at all – in Twitter or StockTwits, you are walking away from most everybody in the capital markets. $Cashtagss are how investors sort and filter tweets within StockTwits and Twitter… and the portals that they feed into like Bloomberg. Your $cashtag is your targeting tool.


StockTwits is the purest social media network on the planet

Investor Relations Officers don’t realize how lucky they are. StockTwits, by design, is the last unspoiled capital markets social media network.

Objectively, in addition to having a higher apples-to-apples volume of activity compared to Twitter, the network:

  • Is only comprised of members who are interested in capital markets
  • Is proactively monitored to prevent pump-and-dump activity and faux accounts
  • Does not allow discussions of penny stocks or pinks – their $cashtags are not “activated” in the network – which is focused almost exclusively on NYSE and NASDAQ traded equities
  • Feeds into professional and public capital markets research portals

Subjectively, if you review the StockTwits stream, you’ll note that most of the discussion are what an investor is doing now – at that moment. They are not blogging an opinion or analysis, which has negatively permeated many of the long-form blog-based social media channels. The physical limitations of a 140 character micro-blog prevents StockTwits from becoming another ‘stock newsletter” content publisher.


One response to “StockTwits drives 89% of $cashtagged social media investor traffic

  1. Suggestion: not always a good idea to ASSUME the CRITICAL term in your article is known to all your readers who might come to your article via a Google search for example. IMHO defining $cashtag would have been a good idea. Alley

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