12 month at-a-glance calendar for Investor Relations departments

Working with a new client last week, the discussion went from a cheerfully kind “thank you for the 2017 SEC EDGAR filing calendar” (click here) to a subtle “hey… do you have a calendar for IR, too?”

We did not. But we do now!


Help your internal stakeholders understand the to-do of IR!

Never shrinking down from a client request, we immediately went to task – first asking during that meeting what are the key activities needed to be calendared. As you see, the result is a traditional IR to-do list. Also, except for the 10-K and 10-Qs, the events are driven by broad strokes, month by month, rather than exact dates.


  • Planning stages certainly vary and overlap i.e. earnings news releases and 10-Qs
  • Updating the IR website once a quarter refers to more holistic updates: text narratives, FAQs, and other non-automated feed
  • Best practices suggest two or three days each quarter for non-deal roadshows in targeted cities
  • Holding a formal Analyst Day in a target city, like NYC, generally aligns with non-deal meetings
  • The NIRI Annual Conference is in June

Happily, the client was grateful for the calendar – they will be sharing it internally as a directional illustration of IR’s year.

Click here to download a high resolution PDF.



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