Top 10 IR and SEC (regulatory) blogs of the 2016


First things first. Thank you for reading Building Shareholder Confidence throughout 2016. Our readership continues to accelerate each year. Judging by our numbers, the tone (informative & “breezy”) and the topic-range fits the niches’ appetite.


I’d like to think that informative & “breezy” aligns with our 2016 brand mission in regard to our products and services: intelligent value – the right scale for your needs.  


The 2016 Top 10:.

  • A review of Section 16 filing responsibilities READ HERE
  • What is required in an SEC 10-K file READ HERE
  • You don’t want the SEC to be your XBRL proofreader READ HERE
  • IR Room Fundamentals: Are investor relations websites required by the SEC? READ HERE
  • 9 questions answered about holding your first earnings conference call READ HERE
  • The 5 Stages of M&A looks at both sides of the deal READ HERE
  • What Investors Must Learn Before Buying Mini-IPO Stocks: A two-part webinar on Dec 13 READ HERE
  • Investor relations and social medi(um) to luke warm READ HERE
  • GE’s “Integrated Summary Report” is a superb example of both IR transparency and a really, really big IR budget READ HERE
  • New Report Compares How Wall Street vs. Main Street Investors Research Stock Opportunities READ HERE

One caveat… there should be eleven donuts in that box. Our weekly IPO and Transactions is by-and-away the most popular content; viewed by thousands of securities lawyers and corporate executives.  The top ten above are the most prose-based posts.

Thank you again,
~ Bradley H. Smith



One response to “Top 10 IR and SEC (regulatory) blogs of the 2016

  1. Great blog.

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