Video: a “Main Street” perspective on (safely) investing in Reg A+ companies

Admittedly, we spend a lot of time discussing the company-side of the “Mini-IPO” coin. That’s probably why Vintage is #1 (click here).

But what happens after we (perfectly) create and (assuredly) zoom the Form 1-A to the SEC? How do investors identify an opportunity to take a position in an Emerging Growth Company? How can investors mitigate risk from bad ideas and straight-up fraud?

We invited three experts to explain exactly that.

Mini-IPOs: Mechanics and Safeguards for Investing

  • Sara Hanks, CEO, CrowdCheck
  • Ryan Feit, CEO, SeedInvest
  • Yoel Goldfeder, CEO VStock

Here’s a snippet: Log in and watch the complete video here.


Not many individual investors (um… none) visit this blog, however, the webinar replay is VERY educational for any law firm or corporation working on a Reg A+ registration.

Understanding how investors can find you – as well as their due diligence process – is an essential aspect for setting realistic corporate expectations, financial goals and marketing measurements for success.

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