20 Regulation A+ “Fun Facts” to know before today’s “Mini-IPO” conference

During a sneak-peek at today’s Mini-IPO webinar, I came across 20 key points that will be covered in the opening webinar Mini-IPOs: The New Alternative for Individual Investors

Join the full day (December 13) webinar event at the button below. Also, you can use this same button to listen to the event 24/7 on-demand (post-live) replay.

Since today’s webinars are hosted at VirtualInvestorConferences.com, the educational webinars are very different from other Reg A+ webinars we have previously hosted. Our panels will be discussing Reg A+ from a retail investor’s “how-to-invest” perspective, rather than the company’s “how-to-execute-a-“Mini-IPO” perspective.

Regulation A+ “Fun Facts” (alphabetically):
  1. Allows companies to raise capital using advertising including social media and web platforms.
  2. Allows companies to sell debt or equities securities to the public.
  3. Average raise sought on Tier 2 offerings: $28.9 million.
  4. Can be traded on National Exchanges.
  5. Can be traded on OTC Markets.
  6. Companies can “Test the waters” both before and after initial filing.
  7. JOBS Act advocates saw potential to use Regulation A to democratize the IPO Process.
  8. Legal process to file a registration statement with the SEC.
  9. Most common industries utilizing Reg A+: Service, Real Estate, Banking.
  10. Old Regulation A still requires lengthy “Blue Sky Registration.”
  11. Reg A+ opportunity commenced in June 2015.
  12. Regulation A originally adopted in 1960 as a sort of short form registration process.
  13. Regulation A+ has given companies a mechanism and tools to empower them to reach out to the masses in completing an IPO.
  14. Relatively new (18 months) term.
  15. Securities not restricted so the companies can create secondary market.
  16. There are 54 U.S. jurisdictions, including all 50 states and 4 territories, each with separate and different securities laws.
  17. Title IV of the JOBS Act that was signed into law on April 5, 2012.
  18. To date, 165 companies filed initial 1-A offering statements with the SEC.
  19. To date, 94 companies’ offerings have received “Qualifications” from SEC.
  20. To date, maximum raise sought in total: over $3 billion.


Regarding the “how-to-execute-a-“Mini-IPO” perspective, please remember that Vintage is the #1 service provider to register your Reg A+ (Form 1-A) file.

Perhaps that is Fun Fact 21! 


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