Balance your 13F-based IR targeting with the Cision Communications Cloud

Yesterday’s sensational launch of our new Cision Communication Cloud provides marketing departments and PR professionals the tools and tactics that investor relations officers have already benefited from for years… namely highly focused data-driven targeting to verified influencers.

However, rather than parsing tangible 13F files to discover and build relationships with institutional investors, our Cision Communication Cloud ™ connects companies with journalists, influencers and customer advocates by understanding and parsing the intangibles of corporate communications into actionable data.


The New Cision Communication Cloud finally unifies the previously disparate systems of content, tools, data, and analytics:

  • Listen to media channels for brand mentions, competitive activity and trending topics that will inspire compelling content. There’s so much to be inspired by: Cision automated media insights cover over 2M daily news stories across online, print, broadcast, and social channels.  Aggregate trending and emerging topics, key influencers, brand and competitive insights and more into email alerts, reports, and charts, to show you how your content will resonate across mediums and audiences around the world.
  • Target and build relationships with key influencers and decision-makers by harnessing a wealth of data and predictive insights to fine-tune content delivery by audience and channel. Influencers matter more than ever; there are just more of them, and they are not as easy to find. The breadth and depth of our industry-leading platform provides you with easy access to the influencers who matter.
  • Create an effective earned media and content strategy by combining your talent with our well-versed team of industry experts who will deliver insights, strategy, best practices, and hands-on help in delivering high impact communications that amplify the results of your programs as part of a holistic customer and influencer relationship strategy.
  • Engage audiences and maximize the impact of your content with multichannel promotion across earned, paid and owned channels. Powered by PR Newswire, you’ll have access to the world’s largest and #1 most trusted distribution network and well as trigger market demand through a network of over 300,000media distribution points in over 170 countries and 40 languages; 10,000+ websites and apps, 1 million social followers, and hundreds of broadcast channels.
  • Analyze what’s working and what’s not, so you can continuously optimize ongoing campaign performance in real-time.  Customizable reports and data visualization focus you on the strategic, while tracking the tactical – connecting the dots across social and traditional media channels for a 360 degree view of your campaigns.

Certainly, the earned media “audience” that our new platform will be of importance to IR as well, as we know (FROM THIS BLOG POST) that a meaningful percentage or IROs actively court and woo financial media.

Balance your IR targeting with the Cision Communications Cloud – request a demonstration here.

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