Honing XBRL quality: FASB 2017 GAAP Taxonomy Release webinar

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is preparing for their annual FASB Accounting Standards Updates – which includes changes to the 2017 XBRL taxonomies.

  • Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016
  • Time: 1:00 pm EDT

In advance of the webinar, details of the changes can be viewed here. XBRL practitioners are also invited to comment.


Through this session, participants will gain a better understanding of how the changes in the 2017 Taxonomy Release will affect XBRL exhibits. Participants also will gain insight into expected changes as a result of ASUs, topical projects, and new structural components to assist with usability.

The agenda will include:

  1. Update from the SEC staff
  2. Proposed changes to the 2017 Taxonomy for new Accounting Standards Updates
  3. Update on Taxonomy Implementation Guides
  4. New structural components, including extensible lists and typed dimensions
  5. Overview of the 2017 Taxonomy Release, including the restructuring of change and deprecation labels.

The webinar is free. CLICK HERE

XBRL quality has been an ongoing challenge, for numerous reasons – least of all regulatory avoidance and “end-user” apathy. That’s quickly and finally changing – and kudos to FASB for always being a champion.

Vintage and our XBRL accountants are champs too!

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