VIDEO: What makes a company a strong IPO candidate


As you’ll hear from our experts, the decision to go public, whether traditional IPO or mini-IPO, is a mosaic of many factors:


  • —Does the business provide a unique service or product that doesn’t have direct competitors?
  • —If the business has publicly traded competitors, what makes it unique?
  • Cost structure (e.g. more efficient manufacturing, differentiated geographic footprint)?

Size / Scale

  • —Does the company currently have size and scale?
  • If no, is there an opportunity and plan to reach a sufficient size to be meaningful for institutional investors?


  • —Use of proceeds
  • —Additional capital required to grow
  • —Employee recruitment and retention

Company Readiness

  • —Adequacy of internal financial reporting and accounting controls (Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • —Short-term and long-term business outlook
  • —Financial performance trends and metrics for valuation
  • Predictability of operations and confidence in projections

Management Readiness

  • —Quality and depth of management team
  • —Public company experience
  • —Performance expectations

Successful IPOs can make founders, owners and senior executives millionaires overnight, at least on a spread sheet. Equally, millions of equity financing can also be raised overnight—dollars that will be essential for fueling growth initiatives: new products, expanded markets, employee hires, research and development and acquisitions

If you enjoyed the brief snippet, listen to the complete webinar HERE.



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