REPORT: 75% of investors ‘unlike’ social media for equity research

To be fair, the reverse is that 25% DO use social media – specifically Twitter and StockTwits as a source of information.

With almost one-quarter of investors reporting they use StockTwits and Twitter for investment news, IR needs to have a strategy in place to assure their voice is in the social stream – even if that strategy is using social media as a one-way newsflow of press releases. Another tile in the shareholder communications mosaic.

One absolute benefit of social media for IR is that it’s easily monitored for real-time investor sentiment. That could be useful during crisis periods or a proxy battle.


If you want to poke around (again) in social media, go to StockTwits. It’s population is active daytraders – plus, unlike Twitter, StockTwits is very aggressive against allowing any pump-and-dump activity spoil their stream.

This WHITEPAPER offers guidance on using social media for IR

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