REPORT: Two-thirds of Wall Street use mobile devices for equity research

Ooooooh, so institutional investors do look up from their Bloomberg Portal once in a while. The comparative flip-flop with individual investors is perplexing: perhaps the tools favored by Main Street are not optimized for smart mobile user-experience (UX).


What shareholder communications can do to assure a smart UX for visitors is build/design your IR website to be responsive. Responsive design automatically displays content based on screen size, platform and orientation.

One important caveat – most IR websites cannot be built with responsive design if your main corporate site is not responsive. Generally, IR websites are constructed using corporate site’s look-and-feel, or to use webspeak, using the corporate website’s cascading style sheet (CSS).  The use of the CSS assures that shareholders have a consistent experience navigating throughout a company’s entire website.

Here are some examples of the sites we host: we can build a variety of design formats – at a variety of service packages to fit into a budget.

LEARN MORE INCLUDING VERBATIM “OTHER” COMMENTS: Our new “Shareholder Confidence 365 Study booklet is now available. You can order a printed copy here.

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