2016 deals v. dollars for M&A

As reported in Mergermarket’s Global and Regional M&A: H1 2016 report, US dealmaking within the first half of 2016 has rebalanced with history – juxtaposed to 2015’s record-breaking values. M&A activity totaled US$ 562.7bn across 2,242 transactions, a 31.5% drop in value and decrease in volume by 342 transactions from H1 2015.


For Vintage, a deal’s dollar value is a moot point: we treat all deals at par, as the services we supply are agnostic. To be exact, a 50 million dollar acquisition demands the same level of virtual data room security as a one billion dollar acquisition. Likewise with the S-4 creation and filing. Accuracy is de rigueur.

Top dealmakers dollars v. deal count

Each week, we track that week’s underwriters (view here). It’s interesting to compare the top twenty dealmakers total (H1) dollar volume with the number of individual deals. As you see, the numbers don’t necessarily align.

Firm Deal volume ranking Dollar volume ranking
Goldman Sachs 1 1
JP Morgan 2 7
Morgan Stanley 3 2
Barclays 4 5
Evercore Partners 5 6
Bank of America Merrill Lynch 6 3
Jefferies 7 17
Citi 8 4
Lazard 9 9
Credit Suisse 10 13
RBC Capital Markets 11 10
Rothschild 12 20
Deutsche Bank 13 8
UBS Investment Bank 14 14
Wells Fargo Securities 15 11
Centerview Partners 16 16
Guggenheim Partners 17 12
Qatalyst Group 18 15
China International Capital 19 19
Allen & Company 20 18

Regardless of deal or dollar size, all M&A follow the same diligence guidelines. Directional in scope, the 5 Stages of M&A Quick Sheet (Foundation, Preparation, Examination, Negotiation and Completion) offer guideposts for the working groups on both sides of the deal.

Download the quick sheet here. 



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