TGIV! Vintage offers courtesy hardcopy of the SEC’s Concept Release on corporate disclosure modernization

If you work in investor relations, undoubtedly you’re beginning to study the SEC’s 341-page Concept Release that is studying corporate disclosure with fresh, 21st century eyes. Time will tell, but this seems very important. 

Fortunately, to ease your eyes from PC and/or tablet screen strain, Vintage is printing the Concept Release into a book. It’s still 341 pages but at least now you can read it with your feet up.



The SEC’s summary: 

“The Commission is publishing this concept release to seek public comment on modernizing certain business and financial disclosure requirements in Regulation S-K.”

Some of the 340 questions address these points:

  • Principles-based or prescriptive approach to disclosure rules
  • Provide disclosure “layers” to different audiences based on their needs
  • Line item over-disclosure on non-financial matters
  • The materiality of sustainability matters
  • Periodic report exhibit filing requirements of Regulation S-K
  • Scaling requirement by market-cap or sector
  • The fate of the 10-Q
  • Readability and navigability of disclosure documents
  • Recognizing how digital technology has changed the way in which investors consume information
  • For the next 90-days, the public can respond to 340 questions.

Read more here.


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