How Twitter’s new algorithmic filtering will impact investor relations

“Algorithmic” is not the most favorite word in the capital markets, but rather than high-frequency-trading, this discussion is around shareholder communications and disclosure.


Twitter is initiating a new version of its timeline that positions tweets by filtering per content attributes in addition to chronological posting. This means when a user opens Twitter, after a certain time-period away, “selected” tweets will appear up at the top of the streaming timeline in reverse chronological order. The balance of the stream will appear, as usual, below the selected tweets.

The impact for IR?

One point for IR regarding this new change is that this continues to reinforce that social media-based networks are not an investor relations-controllable channel for shareholder communications. This is unlike email or (ahem) newswire distribution.

Algorithmic filtering is just that, a filter. Twitter’s algorithm will consider the different Twitter accounts and types of tweets a user characteristically interacts with, their likes, their retweets, engagement among the people they follow and even the activities of Twitter users with comparable interests. Note…algorithmic filtering is not new: Facebook has been doing this for a while.

Time will tell if this matters at all to IR.

Simply, the recipients and the hosting-media organization itself control the final disclosure, not the sender. Certainly, social media is not a “favored” media shareholder communications anyway, but it is a real-world element of any corporation’s omnichannel comminutions strategy. It’s wise to be aware of the fluidity of the different channels.

BTW. If you do have fervent Twitter users following your stock, they are already self- filtering via a $cashtag. More to that, as our data has shown, StockTwits is where the social media-based investors tweet it up.

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