Companies need to understand the dark side of an IPO (video)

Successful IPOs can make founders, owners and senior executives millionaires overnight, at least on a spread sheet. Equally, millions of equity financing can also be raised overnight—dollars that will be essential for fueling growth initiatives: new products, expanded markets, employee hires, research and development and acquisitions.

That’s the optimistic side. The pessimist view on an IPO is important to discuss as well – not to derail any aspirations you may have, but to help your teams be prepared for the dramatic change a private company will experience.

  1. Higher costs
  2. Less control
  3. Pressure to meet third-party expectations
  4. No “privacy”

Our Bloomberg BNA / Vintage video discusses ALL aspects of an IPO – tapping in the expertise of Barclays, PwC, Baker & McKenzie and our president, Liam Power.

If you enjoyed the brief snippet above, listen to the complete webinar HERE.



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