“Thank you all for a wonderful job on this transaction. It really helped make the deal go very smoothly.”

Fast turns and spot-on execution has redefined Vintage in 2015, helping us to become a top three solution in North America. Our work is highlighted every Monday in our “IPOs and Transactions of the Week” blog and email. Importantly, our week’s success is further highlighted (and celebrated) by the appreciative notes our operations people receive each day from our clients.

We can’t not share the good news (anonymized for privacy). Sales can offer you full named references.

Here is just a handful of the week’s notes: 



Kudos to our EDGAR team

I remember when the nightmare started here at [company name] in 2012. It has taken some time to get things down to a science. But I have always been grateful for your patience and help in meeting my deadlines. Where ever I end up, I will be sure to promote you and your organization..

You make it look easy. Thanks, again. Enjoy the weekend.



.Kudos to our XBRL team

I want to thank you for all the dealings we have had over the years through all the many filings. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

You have always been very responsive whenever there have been any Edgarizing or XBRL issue through to quick resolution.



.Kudos to our Mutual Funds team

We are very happy with our move to Vintage. I was seeking a new printer relationship, to lower costs while maintaining service levels. At Vintage, I have been able to lower costs and we are experiencing higher service levels than at our previous printer. The team at Vintage is very responsive, committed to delivering high quality services, efficient and able to handle complex instructions.

Our general counsel wrote me a note praising the Vintage team – which she never did during our previous relationship. We feel like we have a more personal relationship – our team at Vintage has been consistent, with no turnover.

Lastly, they provide electronic billing and payment, which our previous printer was unable to do. I highly recommend Vintage.



.Kudos to our Typesetting team

Thanks for the call back. You guys were already on it – superstars over at your place. I appreciate it – tell your colleagues how happy we are with Vintage.



.Kudos to our EDGAR team

I want to thank you and the team for your work with [us] over the past several months. We’re very pleased with the quality and speed of the conversions.

Look forward to working with you again.


Our rebrand was not just a logo change – it was a systemic and cultural reform throughout our operations. Our president, Liam Power, challenged his team to deliver the industry’s intelligent value, measured as fast turns and spot-on execution of services. You can meet Liam Power on this video. 

Thanks to our experts for delivering intelligent value!

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