Are you REALLY ready to go public? (webinar audio snippet)

Scott Skidmore, Managing Director – Equity Capital Markets at Barclay’s Capital kicked off our “Going Public: A How-to Guide for Making an Initial Public Offering” webinar with Bloomberg BNA, PwC, Baker & McKenzie and Barclays.

In this quick snippet, Scott answered the first core question: Should I take my company public?

Click expand arrows, lower right, to view.

The entire webinar and downloadable slides are available here:



A company can decide to go public at any time; however, this is a complicated process which requires taking various factors into consideration and has a multitude of implications.

Gain an understanding from legal, accounting, and banking perspectives in this “how-to” guide discussing considerations for U.S. companies such as: 1) at what point should a company consider the IPO route; 2) what should be in place before turning to this strategy?; 3) who are the key players in this process?; 4) what considerations should be made when choosing IPO partners?; 5) what steps need to be followed to get the stock listed?; 6) what alternative options exist?; 7) what happens after the IPO?; and, 8) what if the IPO does not go as planned?

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