You need a sense of humor when you’re working the XBRL mines

At the “Improving Financial Analysis Through Structured Data” conference, Alex Rapp, co-founder of Calcbench, lead an excellent discussion titled “Comparing Financial Fundamentals.” For those of you not trudging towards Mordor, which seemingly has been the journey of XBRL, “comparison” is a key driver of structured data. XBRL is an organized, common ground (tagged) database across all 10-K and Qs with the data being delivered directly from the public company’s official SEC filing, rather than a third-party “re-keying” of the data from .XLS and HTML documents.

For those of you not yet experienced with XBRL, Alex offers a concise overview with juuuuust enough cheek to demonstrate his passion and well-grounded expertise.

You can view his full “Comparing Financial Fundamentals” talk at this link. It’s the fifth video down the list of all the session videos of the conference.

His group, Calcbench, are wizards at using the XBRL data (output) for analysis and investors unlike us… who are wizards at the input for public companies (read here).

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