Don’t let a damn CEO* interfere with your online annual report

*Creative Energy Obstacle

“Video” annual reports have been pitched and marketed for over a decade now – and learning from countless conversations, their execution failure always came down to three roadblocks.

  • Price
  • Workload
  • CEO involvement (yah, the other CEO)

Our new Animated Annual Report has been expressly developed to solve this. Please watch the example below.



You’ll note that although you are viewing a “video,” we have named this product Animated Annual Report. That’s purposeful – to eliminate the mental fee stigma that has burdened “video” annual reports year after year.  Animated Annual Reports don’t need costly per-hour video crews, travel to location, B-roll filler expenses, sound and lighting personal… and of course any re-takes (sigh, there are always retakes).

Animated Annual Reports are digitally created by our team of creative wonders. The efficacy is fiscally meaningful.


We’re all huge consumers of video. Hours throughout our lives. That’s not a bad thing (except for a few unnamed reality programs), however, the result of our consumption is that we are all VERY sophisticated video critics. We (and investors) know bad video when we see it – and bad videos are very easy to make. It’s a bad move for a brand.

Making a good, if not great, video involves a lot of work. Scripting, senior executive approval, legal approval, scheduling, shooting, reviewing, editing, re-scripting and re-shooting (sigh, there are always retakes).

Animated Annual Report are digitally created from your pre-approved annual report PDF. The key point here is “pre-approved.”

3.) CEO

The Creative Energy Obstacle or Chief Executive Officer, can cause a problem for video annual reports. Snarky antonym aside, having your CEO look and sound comfortable in the frame is a very herculean task – it often stalls or stops an entire production. Generally, a CEO’s participation is usually an abbreviated pitch from their shareholder’s letter. Too scripted. Stiff.

It’s absolutely essential that CEOs have a presence for shareholders, but video as a media may not work for all CEOs. Animated Annual Report remove that “obstacle” from the creative production timetable.

A fourth point to discuss would certainly be ROI. This is when IR puts on their creative marketing cap. An Animated Annual Report can be used and reused throughout the year – emailed as an overview to analysts, as a colorful opening remark for investors conferences and embedded with sales presentations… anywhere you a brand needs visual, if not intangible, support. Certainly, like all web-based video, you can track and measure its popularity.

Video is ruling the web. Too learn more about getting your annual report into the eyes of your online shareholders, click here and send us your 2014 annual report PDF. This upload is the first part of the annual report journey from creative to production to final distribution.

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