XBRL quality advances driving change at Bloomberg and other Street portals: video

XBRL.US, the national business consortium for XBRL, brought together leading experts to discuss XBRL’s state-of-the-(XBRL)-union at their Improving Financial Analysis Through Structured Data event, held in Manhattan.

You’re invited to watch the event videos here.

  • Opening Keynote: Sandra Peters, CPA, CFA, Head, Financial Reporting Policy Group, CFA Institute
  • Who’s Using Corporate XBRL Data?
  • Building an XBRL Database
  • Comparing Financial Fundamentals
  • Analyzing Corporate Data
  • More Structured Data for Investors?
  • Closing Keynote: Hal Schroeder, Board Member, Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), former Partner at Carlson Capital, L.P., a Dallas-based money manager with assets under management of over $6 billion

One panel discussed one of the most paramount questions about XBRL – Who’s Using Corporate XBRL Data? SPOILER ALERT – the snippet below featuring representatives from Bloomberg and S&P Capital IQ.


As you see above, the drive for quality is working. Proudly, Vintage is a founding organization with the XBRL US Center for Data Quality referenced by both the Bloomberg and S&P panelists. Too embellish on that, our XBRL clients receive top marks (view here) due to the dedication from XBRL teams and processes.

Internally, we’ve built a culture of quality and it’s fulfilling to see the results bearing the fruit of XBRL adoption.

Enjoy the videos.  


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