Deutsche Bank built a (virtual) bridge for international companies and US investors


Getting US investors to notice – and invest – in Depositary Receipts is an important challenge: there are both business and tactical (geographical) hurdles. How does an investor in Boston easily hear and ask questions directly to a CEO in Brazil. Or France. Or Germany. Or China. Or The UK. Or Chile. Or Australia. And how can a non US-issuer build a relationship with an investor in Boston and Dayton and Los Angles and New York and Philadelphia and Dallas and Washington without costly and time-consuming travel?

Since 2012, the Deutsche Bank Depositary Receipts Group has taken this geographical hurdle head-on with their Virtual Investor Conference series. Two to three times each year, Deutsche Bank places their DR clients – live – directly in front of US-based institutional and individual investors.

Their next event is November 19. Learn more here. It is their 9th event with

In Europe alone, there are approximately 400+ issuers that have securities as depository receipts, F shares or listed-equities traded in the US… equaling $516 billion of non-North American holdings held as US depositary receipts.


Click image to enlarge.

However, the total US assets under management is $13.3 trillion. That’s 13.3 trillion reasons for international companies and domestic US investors to meet one another. Deutsche Bank Depositary Receipts Group makes this easy for mutual benefit.

At its core, the Virtual Investor Conference is a day of non-deal roadshows, presented 100% online. CEOs and other senior executives present their company and vision to a live audience of investors who are in turn asking questions, in real-time. In addition to the presentation, investors “gather” in a company’s virtual trade booth for ongoing chats, video viewing and the downloading of assorted shareholder materials.

Virtual Investor Conferences are just one step. Certainly, as we co-presented with the OTC Markets, a regular, systematic flow of news, properly delivered through US-targeted and trusted media, will future nurture confidence and develop traction for an non-US issuer looking for US monies. It is no longer enough to use local, or even pan European, media. In most cases the news is not crossing the pond(s).

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