“…but more than that – their helpful and friendly attitudes were refreshing. Thank you!”

vintaGE-TROPHYFast turns and spot-on execution has redefined Vintage, helping us to become a top three solution in North America. Our work is highlighted every Monday in our “IPOs and Transactions of the Week” blog and email.  Importantly, our week’s success is further highlighted (and celebrated) by the appreciative notes our operations people receive each day from our clients.

We can’t not share the good news (anonymized for privacy). Sales can offer you full named references.

Here is just a handful of the week’s notes: 



Kudos to our EDGAR team

Vintage Team, great job!  Many thanks for helping us to get this done with today’s filing date. Thank you again for all of your hard work!  Have a great weekend!



.Kudos to our XBRL team

Great- thank you very much. I will keep you posted. Your attentiveness and hard work throughout this process has been greatly appreciated.

Thanks for another great quarter.



.Kudos to the XBRL team

Great, I also want to thank you all for catching my error and correcting (I had the file #s mixed up). Thanks again!!



.Kudos to our Typesetting team

I just want to say “WOW”. If the level of customer service I received over the past 24 hours from the production team is any indication of what is to come from our relationship, I am going to be very spoiled!

[The Vintage team] have been fantastic. Please share my appreciation with everyone involved. I truly appreciate their hard work and quick turnaround on edits, but more than that – their helpful and friendly attitudes were refreshing. Thank you!



.Kudos to our IPO team

Thank you. And thank you also for the work on this today – it was all very well done. Have a nice weekend..


Our rebrand was not just a logo change – it was a systemic and cultural reform throughout our operations. Our president, Liam Power, challenged his team to deliver the industry’s intelligent value, measured as fast turns and spot-on execution of services. You can meet Liam Power on this video. 

Thanks to our experts for delivering intelligent value!

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