The first mile of the Annual Report Journey is, frankly, all about the benjamins

Even during the heavy lifting of “earnings seasons,” we’re now meeting with clients and prospects as they begin preparing for the production of their 2015 annual report and proxy. Amid all the strategic high-value conversations regarding messaging, transparency, engagement, access and compliance – the first words we almost always hear are “I need to save money from last year’s annual report.”


And that’s why we invite issuers to begin 2015 Annual Report Journey with a benchmark of their 2014 annual report. Yes, it’s a very tactical task, but having that dollar sign well-defined – especially for a tangible element of ink & paper – will define the budget allowances for strategic communications. This is the core of our “Intelligent Value’ mission.

To benchmark last year’s annual report, please upload your 2014 PDF here.


The journey after your budget is defined:

The Annual Report Journey unifies the three major initiatives within an issuers’ process and subsequently aligns production and tangible products.


  • Creative & concept
  • Design & create


  • 10-K file with SEC
  • Print & distribute


  • Interactive (online) Annual Report
  • Animated (video) Annual Report

This unification, the Annual Report Journey, can assure cohesive messaging and financial branding while simplifying the transition from traditional print distribution into highly engaging online versions. It can assure that the annual report, a coveted document, reaches each shareholder in the media – analog or digital – they prefer.

Click image to view

Click image to view The Annual Report Journey

It will also eliminate redundancies and identify savings. More benjamins.


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