VIDEO: Show us your birth certificate, IRO!

As a conceptual blend of Trump’s Birthergate and The National Investor Relations Institute’s (NIRI) new IRC program (to qualify IROs’ skill set), we again surveyed the attendees at NIRI’s excellent annual Fundamentals of Investor Relations sessions to understand their credentials / birth certificates.

125 attendees gathered in Boston last week for the 3.5 day seminar… an IR 101. In addition to North America, the “students” (and current clients) fly in from across the globe. We added this data from the SAME event survey from Fall 2014 (Boston) and Spring 2015 (Santa Monica, CA.).

Where are investor relations officers born? (play the video)

These numbers are no surprise from a service provider anecdotal perspective. Our conversations, client and prospect, have shown us this… what we assume is a cultural evolution of the craft of IR. The new practitioners are coming over from financial departments, rather than the communications departments.

The low amount of Buy- and Sell-side analysts is interesting, in context to all the banter heard on this. As many of them being Wall Street smartypants, perhaps many of them don’t feel they need a communications education.

“Great report, thanks. How’s the quarter going?”


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