StockTwits is the 83% powerhouse of “tweet-ish” investor traffic

This summer’s “much-to-do-about-nothing” news was that Nestle IR was shutting down its IR dedicated independent Twitter feed and rolling its IR tweets into with the cooperate Twitter feed. The reason stated by Nestle was simply lack of ROI.

Fair enough. So where can an IR department find ROI? This prompted a review of our apples-to-apples research looking at both Twitter and StockTwits. Note: although this is a comparison, you do not have to choose one over the other. Use both if you wish. This is a discussion about targeting your shareholder communications to social media-minded investors… maximizing your efforts in social media.


The chart above is representative of all Twitter and StockTwits trafiic generated for the month of August 2015 – via identical $CASHTAGGED content I simultaneously posted  into both the networks of StockTwits and Twitter. The inbound traffic generated from that outbound was monitored and measured.

The 4 pieces of outbound content drove, directly due to the $CASHTAGs, 298 inbound traffic referrals. StockTwits delivered 246 compared to Twitter’s 52.

Bottom-line: if and when you are sharing your IR content into social media, if you are tweeting your $CASHTAGGED content only into Twitter and not into StockTwits, you are walking away from 83% of the audience who want this tweet-based content from you.

And… if you are not including your $CASHTAG, you are walking away from most everybody in the capital markets. $CASHTAGs are how investors sort and filter tweets within StockTwits and Twitter. Your $CASHTAG is your targeting tool.

ACTION ITEM: StockTwits and Twitter are news streams. If you have further questions about StockTwits and Twitter – including their differences and how to use them with very little work, please download this whitepaper.

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