Mid-market M&A numbers align with experts’ insights: video available

New North American dealflow numbers released from Mergermarket were no surprise to most anyone in the M&A space… culminating (year-to-date) at $61,700,000,000.  I could have abbreviated this number to $61.7B but all those zeros gives it a well-deserved gravitas.

Another measurement I like is the increase in our virtual data room sales. More deals equals more deal rooms : )


Most pundits attribute the robust year to the traditional deal-drivers of corporations needing to demonstrate growth and sector (above) consolidation. Certainly, low interest rates and cash-heavy PE funds are an important factor.

LEARN MORE: Our Mergermarket panel of expert discuss 2015’s momentum in engaging detail on this video.


You are invited to watch the entire discussion or select a specific chapter that most interests you.

  • What are the main drivers behind the record deal activity in the last year and what we are seeing now?
  • What has been the historical and forward looking financing environment and how do they differ and flow into the M&A and Private Equity activity?
  • How do you see the business development companies (BDC) fitting into the market in the current environment? What’s their role?
  • What potential challenges are on the horizon that may impact continued high levels of M&A activity this year?
  • Which sectors do you feel will be most active going forward?
  • What is the trend of strategic acquisitions versus bolt-ons?
  • What is the influence of activist investors, large and small, in the M&A space?
  • What do you think the Fed is going to do with interest rates and how do you see this impacting M&A?
  • Are there any new, unexpected or changes in M&A liability exposure that put companies and directors at risk?
  • What have you seen, broadly, in the trends for the due diligence process including technology?
  • What is your view on the IPO market?


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