…Tuesday, Wednesday, Kudosday…



If you work in the corporate compliance and securities law niche, you know clients are very close-to-the-vest in regard to “testimonials.” That said, our staff gets a lot of praise daily – and we can’t not share the good news (anonymized for privacy). Sales can offer you full named references.

Here are this week’s: 



Kudos to our Typesetting team

You and your team have done a great, great job in helping us through these filings and being very professional and cool over the last few hectic days. Appreciate it so much.

Could you please provide me the name of your supervisor and his email address?  I would like to let him know what a great employee you are.




.Kudos to our XBRL team

We have had a challenging quarter. Your great turn around times on the printing [EDGAR] services and also [ YOUR ] good work on the XBRL has been a great help to us.

Please thank your staff for the good service which has been ever so appreciated! Thank you very much for your continued good service.




.Kudos to the Entire team

Just wanted to say thank you! I can’t believe you made it for both clients on time and made it using final approved versions! Most important – thanks for your patience, and for all your hard work.




.Kudos to our EDGAR team

Many thanks and sincere apologies for the crazy requests this morning. I have been very impressed with your team given how unorganized and crazy things have been this morning. Thank you again.”

Also, I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the quality of Vintage’s work this year with the [ THE FILE ]!  It has improved greatly over prior years and I’m very happy to see that!! Keep up the great work!



.Kudos to our Transactions team

Your help, professionalism and understanding is very much appreciated.



Thanks to our experts for delivering intelligent value!

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