VIDEO: The factors driving the M&A volume in 2015

Our Vintage / Mergermarket event  – M&A and Private Equity 2015: Keeping up the momentum – brought top NYC lawyers and PE experts together to discuss the current and future environment of mergers and acquisitions in context to many macro issues.


To view the entire event, or select specific questions, CLICK HERE. In addition to the conversation above, topics discussed include:

  • M&A environment overview
  • Main drivers
  • Business development companies’ (BDC) role
  • Active sectors for M&A
  • Technology
  • IPO market
  • Q&A

Our one-page guide, CLICK HERE, discusses the macro stages of both sides of the M&A transaction.

Our role within M&A is two-fold: 1.) the set-up and management of the secure virtual data room (watch video demo) and 2.) with the material disclosure required to the SEC and/or across the news media and to shareholders.


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