The single practical tip that will improve every one of your financial disclosure news releases

There’s one thing we have oodles of here at PR Newswire / Vintage – and that’s practical insight on to improve the results of your news releases. Most all of the tips are “PR” focused (rightly so) and based on making your content more discoverable.

Investor relations’ news releases (earnings call alerts, earnings results, etc.) are a different content animal than PR. Simply, financial-based news releases are coveted content. People – aka: investors, analysts and financial media – proactively seek your news. They are knocking on your digital door begging for more information. Looking at this with a marketing lens, it’s a incredible position to be in.

So, what does IR need to do to take full advantage of this traffic? Insert this call-to-action after your first paragraph in every single news release:

Receive [COMPANY] updates via email: [link to email alert page]

That’s it. One side-bar sentence, right up top. Don’t worry about “storytelling flow,” tone or cadence. Just paste it in.


NEW YORK, July 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nihil minus, contraque illa hereditate dives ob eamque rem laetus. Quis est, qui non oderit libidinosam, protervam adolescentiam? Cum audissem Antiochum, Brute, ut solebam, cum M. Non autem hoc: igitur ne illud quidem. Duarum enim vitarum nobis erunt instituta capienda. Immo istud quidem, inquam, quo loco quidque, nisi iniquum postulo, arbitratu meo. Verum tamen cum de rebus grandioribus dicas, ipsae res verba rapiunt; Duo Reges: constructio interrete.

Receive [COMPANY] updates via email: [link to email alert page]

An potest, inquit ille, quicquam esse suavius quam nihil dolere? Quamquam id quidem, infinitum est in hac urbe; Quid in isto egregio tuo officio et tanta fide-sic enim existimo-ad corpus refers? Quid, quod homines infima fortuna, nulla spe rerum gerendarum, opifices denique delectantur historia? Quid, si etiam iucunda memoria est praeteritorum malorum?


Tactical points:

  • Don’t anchor/embed the link to your email alert page. Cut & paste the full, entire link. This is very important because not all news portals (technically) accept embedded links onto their pages.
  • If your email page has an “ugly” non-vanity URL, ask your PR or marketing department for help with a shortened URL. is an example of this type service.


This small change to all your financial disclosure news releases will assure you that interested stakeholders always get your material news, SEC filings and whatever they select directly from you.

Especially important, this creates an investor relations database of names that can be cross-checked against other lists including investor conference attendees and targeting databases. This will help you hone discussions with investors. 

This is content marketing mecca.

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