The mega-mall for issuer services: the 2015 NIRI Annual Conference

NIRI’s annual conference (Chicago, June 14-17) brings close to 1,500 industry denizens together for a consolidated, agenda-filled three days. This list below is just a random cut-and-paste of some of the sessions:


We have 50 of these as prizes!

  • Activism 101: What to Do When Activists Knock at Your Door
  • Are You “Bait”? How to Avoid Becoming an Activist Target
  • Capital Markets: Trading, Tracking, and Telling
  • Competing for Capital: Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Global Institutional Investors
  • Connecting Strategy, Business Management and Shareholder Value
  • Crisis Management: How to Best Navigate and Resolve
  • CSR, ESG, and SRI: the ABC’s of today’s non-financial reporting
  • Effective Engagement with Proxy Advisors: Demystifying the Process
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Dealing with and Discussing Emerging Risks
  • Expanding Your Sphere of Influence: Opportunity for Multi-disciplinary Roles
  • Five Cities in Five Days: Getting the Most from NDR’s, Equity Sales and Sell-Side Analysts
  • How to Maximize Your Effectiveness with the Sell-Side
  • Investor Perspective in the Boardroom
  • Investor Relations in an M&A World
  • Keys to Hosting a Successful Analyst Day
  • Looking to the Future: How Macroeconomic Trends Impact Your Stock
  • NIRI Fellows Forum: An Interactive Discussion with IR Veterans
  • Setting Your Career in Motion: Highly Valued Skills of Successful IRO’s
  • Social media: Friend or Foe for Reaching Target Audiences?
  • Taking Your Investment Story Global: The Value of Engaging International Investors
  • The Empowered IRO: A Strategic Asset to Management and the Board
  • When Materiality Matters: Exercising Judgement in the Gray Areas

Yes. Pretty intense strategies education.

In addition to the best practices to be learned, there are best products to be seen and shopped for in the exhibit hall. That’s our job at the conference – to keep you up-to-date on the new commercial ideas that help issuers execute on strategies. It would be disingenuous NOT to admit we’re there to show you our wares and value.

As briefly mentioned here, we’ll be highlighting the great strides we’ve made UNIFYING our PR Newswire and Vintage solutions into cohesive workflow +/or “budget-flow” packages. We know you have a budget and we do our best to fit into it in the smartest manner – what we call intelligent value.


Our client discussions around intelligent value are actually conversations about understanding the total spend that affects IR and your life as a public company. We are keenly aware that SEC regulations have burdened public companies to spend a disproportionate amount on compliance. Simply, if you have ten dollars in your budget and need to grow your business, where do you spend those dollars? You spend the dollars on the #1 growth goal of finding new customers. You reduce or at least don’t over-spend on services that don’t advance growth.

Absolutely, public companies must be compliant but it’s important to consider that over-spending on compliance services, like XBRL, will not make you more compliant. However, investing more into exposure and targeting will help you engage more investors.

And, as the Venn diagram obviously shows, a package that encompasses our three groups delivers the maximum – as well as intelligent – value.

See you in Chicago, booth 605.

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