Way beyond the wire: the 2015 NIRI Annual Conference

The upcoming (June 14 – 17) 2015 National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) Annual Conference is a keystone for the IR industry – including “service providers” like PR Newswire and Vintage. Amongst serious discussions, it delivers a casual opportunity to talk to a large group of IR’s most passionate practitioners.

What IROs told us at NIRI 2014 drove our 2015 achievements and our “Services Showcase” presence.


Simplify IR. The word “simplify” was a theme I used at my first NIRI over a decade ago. And it’s come around again: ironically, the consolidation and commoditization of the niche brought on more confusion. What IROs told us, “simplify” refers to making their workday easier. Less steps, more automation and new, creative solutions to expand their financial narrative to more investors.

Our Animated Annual Report is a one shining example. (CLICK HERE) This video was created 100% from the annual report PDF. The IRO only had to read the script we wrote, then watch and approve the video. No pain. The barest minimum of involvement from pre-approved material disclsoures, yet look at the quality… perfect for online distribution, pre-meeting email introductions and display at investor conferences.  Here is a detailed blog post on this.


  • IR websites: on average, we sold an IR website every 2.7 days in 2014.
  • Better-value EDGAR filing that is integrated with your news release flow. In fact, we’re the #1 EDGAR-providing newswire and #3 EDGAR filer overall.
  • News distribution that is the base for secure outbound to other channels including social.

Also, our virtual investor conferences have become a steady resource to reach both individual and institutional investors. We celebrated our 50th conference last week!

We’ll have some fun in Booth 605 too. IROs told us what they want there!

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