OTC Markets Group helps us celebrate our 50th virtual investor conference!

50 conferences. Hundreds of public companies. Tens of thousands of investors. One platform. That’s the summary of VirtualInvestorConferences.com


To help us celebrate this milestone, OTC MarketsGroup is hosting an OTCQX Banks conference, featuring the CEOs and senior executives from regional banks. Launched in 2010, VirtualInvestorConferences.com is an industry first – the only 365 online roadshow environment.

“As strong believers in electronic networks and the power of technology and transparency to transform investing, we are pleased to partner with VirtualInvestorConferences.com and PR Newswire to host our first ever virtual investor conference for OTCQX banks which will help introduce these well-managed, shareholder-focused companies to more investors,said Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President – Corporate Services of OTC Markets Group.

“VirtualInvestorConferences.com is another online option for our community of public companies to conveniently connect in real-time with individual and institutional investors.”

The flow at VirtualInvestorConferences.com is brilliantly simple: the CEO dials in, much like an earnings webcast. However, rather than just audio, he/she is also presenting slides via our easy-to-use presenter portal.

Meanwhile, investors log-in to our free virtual environment, select the company(ies) they want to learn about and watch the live roadshow. At any time, the audience can text in questions to a cue which are read and answered verbally, live, after the formal slide presentation is complete. As you’ll see here, the Q&A can be very popular.

Our event environment includes a presentation auditorium and a trade show hall.

Our event environment includes a presentation auditorium and a trade show hall.

Next, once the Q&A session has closed, everyone is automatically sent to the issuer’s “virtual trade booth” where the company’s executives will continue to answer question via a live chat function. The trade booth also has links and other shareholder materials.

“By inviting investors, worldwide, to directly connect with their issuers, OTC Markets Group is demonstrating exceptional leadership and creativity,” said John Viglotti, VP, Investor Relations Products and Services at PR Newswire.  “Being 100% online, VirtualInvestorConferences.com is geographically agnostic for both presenters and investors, allowing senior executives from a community bank in Virginia, for example, to easily find active investors in Oregon.”

“We’re especially pleased that the OTCQX Banks Virtual Investor Conference marks our 50th event.  It’s a double milestone.”

And no one has to travel. IR likes telling that to their CEO. Post live webcast, the presentation is online for three months. We have some companies, like Aflac, present every quarter.

“[Virtual]InvestorConferences.com provided a nice way for me to be able to reach out to individual investors in a cost efficient manner. I was able to reach a group of investors that I likely would have normally not been able to do if it were not in a virtual format,” said Delia H. Moore, Manager, Investor Relations, Aflac Worldwide Headquarters.


Lastly, thank you to OTC Markets Group for having the leadership to help their issuers find new investors… and to the OTCQX Banks presenting tomorrow – break a virtual leg!

  • California Bank of Commerce (CA) (OTCQX: CABC)
  • Cortland Bancorp (OTCQX: CLDB)
  • F & M Bank Corp. (OTCQX: FMBM)
  • Farmers & Merchants Bancorp Inc. (OTCQX: FMAO)
  • First Resource Bank (Exton, PA) (OTCQX: FRSB)
  • Freedom Bank of Virginia (Fairfax) (OTCQX: FDVA)
  • Greater Hudson Bank, NA (NY) (OTCQX: GHDS)
  • Suncrest Bank (Visalia, CA) (OTCQX: SBKK)

Log-in for yourself now.

In addition to creating this roadshow pulpit, we also help issuers present to virtual investors. You can read our best, recent tips here.

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