WEBINAR REPLAY: The Inner Workings of a Deal: Goals, preparation and hiring an intermediary

The first of our three-part webinar series, The Inner Workings of a Deal: Step-by-Step for Successful M&A Transactions, was held on April 16th and we’re very pleased how well it was received. Vintage is presenting this series in direct response to the increase in clients’ M&A transaction projects.

The discussion, targeted for middle-market companies, offers very tactical, tangible advice.  Click the video below for a quick snippet of Session 1, Goals, preparation and hiring an intermediary.

To listen to the complete Session 1 webinar, CLICK HERE.

You can also download the companion whitepaper at that same link. Sincere thanks to our presenter, Michael Schwerdtfeger, Chapman Associates.


The-Inner-Workings-of-a-Deal-Webinar-1-Companion-1If you enjoy Session 1, you are invited to pre-register for Seasons 2 & 3. The value of pre-registering is that we’ll send you a reminder email for the individual events.

Session 2:
Marketing your business, early discussions and deeper dives

DATE: May 21, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET


Session 3:
Due diligence, the “docs,” and closing

DATE: June 4, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET


PRODUCT PITCH: A video demonstration of the Vintage Data Room, powered by EthosData can be viewed here: http://prn.to/1EUSM4j

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