Check with counsel that your company won’t .SUCK(S)

Investor relations officers may want to double-check with their I.T. department and General Counsel to assure that your company won’t .suck(s)


Briefly, a new internet domain suffix – .sucks – will be available and, along with .porn and .XXX suffixes, the general public can buy them.

The .sucks domain is being marketed as a “consumer advocate’s extension.” A philanthropic example will be “” But if you have EVER read a comment section on any blog post, you know exactly what is going to happen. Haters gonna hate… and haters gonna buy your Who knows, maybe even your crafty competitors will buy your URL from under you.

Now is the time to check with your general counsel. Ask if they think whether your organization should proactively register any of these new suffixes to mitigate potential embarrassment, harassment and crisis.

CLICK HERE for a detailed legal overview PDF.

If I am reading the PDF correctly, April and May are a “sunrise” time period – when authorized brands can .sucks up their own suffixes. After June 1, we can all .sucks it.

Um. That sound awkward. Just go talk to counsel!

One response to “Check with counsel that your company won’t .SUCK(S)

  1. Funny and smart.

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