Webinar Series for OTC Markets and Nasdaq Capital Markets Listed Companies: “How-to” Instructions for Becoming a Great Public Company

What you must know BEFORE and AFTER your IPO” will deliver tactical investor relations guidance for emerging growth companies

NEW YORK, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Vintage, the capital markets, corporate services and institutional & fund services division of PR Newswire, is pleased to invite CEOs, CFOs, investor relations departments and senior executives at entrepreneurial start-up organizations and emerging growth companies to attend this new educational webinar series: “What you must know BEFORE and AFTER your IPO.”


With first-hand “how-to” advice expertly structured for small and micro-cap companies, this six-part series will walk listeners through the steps needed to transparently and effectively communicate with current shareholders and prospective investors. The cadence of the series will be casual, delivered succinctly and in plain English.

The webinars, and archived podcasts, are moderated by Bradley H. Smith, PR Newswire/Vintage’s director of marketing, and features the investor relations expertise of Jordan Darrow and Bernie Kilkelly of New York-based investor relations firm Darrow Associates.

Pre-registration is recommended to save time on event day. There is no fee to attend and there will be a live Q&A session.

What you must know BEFORE and AFTER your IPO 

Session 1:
How to set-up and manage the IR function

DATE: April 14, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET
REGISTER NOW: http://prn.to/1xKcrUu
LENGTH: 30 minutes 


Session 2:
How to compose your first quarterly earnings release and SEC filing  
DATE: May 14, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET
PRE- REGISTRATION: http://prn.to/1GSEumL
LENGTH: 30 minutes

Session 3:
How to host your first earnings call     

DATE: June 4, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET
PRE- REGISTRATION: http://prn.to/1CCQupy
LENGTH: 30 minutes

Session 4:
How to build your IR website 

DATE: July 14, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET
PRE- REGISTRATION: http://prn.to/1FkYfiz
LENGTH: 30 minutes

Session 5:
How to target and reach investors

DATE: August 11, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET
PRE- REGISTRATION: http://prn.to/1Cf3I9F
LENGTH: 30 minutes

Session 6:
How to present and network at an investor conferences     

DATE: September 15, 2015
TIME: 2:00 PM ET
PRE- REGISTRATION: http://prn.to/1N8LQYn
LENGTH: 30 minutes

“This six-part series will not be presenting any investor relations ‘best-practices.’ We’ll be delivering the investor relations ‘must-practices,” said Smith. “As they become a publicly traded organization, emerging growth companies have unique challenges, especially as they work to present themselves to new shareholders at par with large and mega-cap issuers. Darrow Associates has distilled these ‘must-practices,’ into a short, concise task list.”

After the live session, the webinars will be available for 24/7 listening by online streaming and as a downloaded audio podcast.


About Vintage:

Vintage, a PR Newswire division, is a top-three provider of full-service regulatory compliance and shareholder communications services, delivered across our three practice areas: Capital Markets, Corporate Services and Institutional & Fund Services. Founded in 2002 and acquired by PR Newswire in 2007, Vintage has evolved to become the industry’s intelligent value choice. We deliver a flexible balance of people, facilities and technology to ensure that regulatory compliance and shareholder communications processes are efficient, transparent and painless. Services include IPO registrations, transactions, virtual data rooms, EDGAR & XBRL filing, typesetting, financial printing and investor relations websites. www.thevintagegroup.com 

ABOUT Darrow Associates

Darrow Associates is an investor relations and financial communications firm with offices in Melville, New York, New York City, Austin, and Silicon Valley. The Darrow Associates team of professionals brings more than 120 years of combined investor relations and Wall Street experience across a range of market sectors and market-caps to its client base of nearly 20 companies. Darrow Associates’ professionals have significant experience in partnering with public and pre-IPO companies in the technology, telecommunications, media, business services, alternative energy, clean technology, healthcare, financial services, industrial, and aerospace and defense industries.  Additional information is available at www.darrowir.com.

Media Contact:

Bradley H. Smith
Director of Marketing, IR and Compliance Services
PR Newswire & Vintage
+1 201.942.7157

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