We’ve made it even easier for IR to ignore social media


So, how can investor relations departments assure that their material news is feeding the Twittersphere without having to do extra work? Or any work, for that matter? (We know it’s not a favorite topic.)

INTRODUCING our Auto-Tweet-Synch-Thingy function. Apologies it does have a better name. Here’s how it works:

  • Link up one or more Twitter accounts with your PR Newswire news distribution portal (we call it the Online Member Center – OMC) .
  • As you are uploading your news release for distribution and select your Absolutely Superior newswire and channel distribution choices – you’ll next select the “Post Your Release to Your Twitter Timeline” box.
  • Type or paste in your message. Feel free to keep life simple and paste in your headline.
  • Add your $CASHTAG !!
  • Select one or all of the Twitter account you want to Tweet through.
  • Complete your OMC process.
  • Ta-da.

Your tweet will be sent to your Twitter followers in conjunction with your release being delivered across the PR Newswire network.


How this helps investor relations departments:

  • Zero effort to place your earnings and financial news into the Twitter news stream
  • Gentle reminder for PR and IR administrators to send the tweet
  • Assures that Twitter-based investors have your official news to share
  • Saves time

Here’s our whitepaper on Twitter and Stocktwits. More and more, getting your news into these streams will matter. Our new Twitter integration helps you with that. There is no extra fee, BTW.

One response to “We’ve made it even easier for IR to ignore social media

  1. Brad tells it like it is again.

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