Mark Cuban calls Twitter the new PR Newswire – now that’s a shark (sound) byte!

It’s always rewarding when a major influencer mentions your brand to millions of people – and that’s exactly what happened this weekend when notable “shark” Mark Cuban was interviewed on CNBC.



Speaking about Twitter, Cuban said that…

“…it’s become the new PR Newswire, where it’s more bullhorn than social network…” “that bullhorn is very valuable…” “the best search engine, bar none, to get current information.”

He’s right about identifying PR Newswire as the de rigueur brand (yay!) for material news and content distribution for companies, but his Twitter’s “become the new PR Newswire” simile is rather apples and oranges. Fortunately, these two fruits are not mutually exclusive of one another: you can – and should – enjoy both.

What this means investor relations:

IR’s take-away from Cuban’s comment is his description that Twitter is more bullhorn than social network.” This follows exactly the counsel we continually give shareholder communicators.

Three links for IR practitioners:

Download the the whitepaper above. It offers a clean “how-to” get started without risk or burden.

Have a great day.

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