Google + Twitter = more $cashtag visibility for investor relations

Briefly: Google and Twitter just announced that tweets will once again show up in Google search results. What this could mean is $cashtag tweets will reach a new audience of investors that don’t have Twitter accounts. Bing already offers tweets in its search results.



There’ll be no judgment here whether this is good or bad. That is for your company strategy to decide.

Points to lament:

  • Investors who don’t use Twitter will now have easy visibility into all the Twitter chatter about your stock
  • Stock bloggers and opinion portals will have gained deeper access to investor eyeballs than before
  • Google results will “publish” a true real-time feed on breaking news (and haters) about your stock
  • The “…so, what is our IR & social media strategy?” discussion may arise again within with your senior team
  • You may need to review your social media monitoring strategy – at least benchmark now to see if the Google / Twitter integration has any measurable impact

Regardless of the points above, Twitter is a newsfeed that carries stories about your company. For a clearer understanding of Twitter and StockTwits as it relates to IR, you may find this blog post helpful as well as this whitepaper.

Have a nice day.

One response to “Google + Twitter = more $cashtag visibility for investor relations

  1. Thank you. We’ll watch of social media more.

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