Virtual investor conference celebrates 25,000th registrant!

While in preparation for this Thursday’s live event at, I was reviewing the past events’ statistics – as well as the statistics for the recent company presentations.

First and foremost, we reached a very important (woot!) milestone this week: 25,000 registrations into the conference. This is not “traffic.” These are actual people who have taken the effort to register (name, etc) and log-in to an investor conference – 81% who have self-identified themselves as long-term investors.


Getting a bit more granular, I looked at the data for the 14 most recent CEO/company presentations. If you have not logged-in to before, the conference has two main areas for issuers and investors to interact: 1.) the auditorium for live CEO presentations and real-time Q&A and 2.) the “exhibit booths” for real-time chat and downloadable shareholder materials.

For the 14 most recent CEO/company presentations:

  • 2,140 investors attendees spent…
  • 2,912 hours watching presentations and…
  • 1,430 hours in the exhibit booths for a total of…
  • 8,489 visits around the entire portal, both booths and presentations.

Additionally, another statistic: zero travel or time spent out of the office for the CEO, CFO, IRO or investors.

Bottomline, is an evergreen destination for a company to present their roadshow to mostly individual investors. We are well aware that retail investors are not everyone’s target, but for many companies – individual investors range from being essential to being “investomer” stakeholders.

VIC-WINNER2What do we attribute this 25K milestone to? We created an environment that is non-pump-and-dump promotional, absolutely unfiltered, totally transparent and extremely straight-forward in its value. Visit the site for details – and certainly log in on February 5th  and join our 46th conference!

Have a great day.

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