…Tuesday, Wednesday, Kudosday…



If you work in the corporate compliance and securities law niche, you know clients are very close-to-the-vest in regard to “testimonials.” That said, our staff gets a lot of praise daily – and we can’t not share the good news (anonymized for privacy). Sales can offer you full named references.

Here are this weeks’ 

KUDOS_quoteKudos to our Mutual Fund team

I wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful service we have been receiving from Vintage. It did not go unnoticed we were able to file the N-1A/A for [CLIENT] Alternative Investment Funds in an afternoon. This was nothing short of a small miracle in my mind.

From our prior experiences, I don’t think either of us thought we would make a 5:30 filing. Both [CLIENT] and I have done many EDGAR filings over many years, approaching something like 25 years of filings between us. We appreciate the quick turnarounds and the quality of the work Vintage produces. Above all, we appreciate the great customer service.

Because of our great experience, we have been recommending Vintage to our colleagues in the industry.


KUDOS_quoteKudos to Transaction team

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. It’s been a long few weeks and I’m pretty wiped (which means I make more mistakes) and it’s nice to know that your team has my back and makes me aware of my own slip ups.

I’ve had experiences in the past when my team has screwed up and the printer made decisions without clarification or approval from me first. Sadly they were the wrong decisions and problems arose from their assumptions.



KUDOS_quoteKudos to IR website Team

I’m ecstatic about the filing display [IR website] widget. It looks amazing.


KUDOS_quoteKudos to the Entire Team

I just have to tell you how awesome your whole team is. They are so patient and helpful and efficient and knowledgeable. I feel like I’m not out there on my own getting it all done with your team on my side. I sent them a thank you but they are some of the best people I’ve worked with and it should be known.

I also really appreciate how you took ownership of some of the problems we encountered and provided solutions so that we were able not only to file on time but to do so accurately. I hope Vintage and PR Newswire value what a great asset you are – I could not imagine having the comfort level I have in working with you that Vintage will make it happen..



KUDOS_quoteKudos to XBRL SaaS Team

Now that things are freed up, please feel free to call me anytime to discuss suggestions for improving the online XBRL experience. And of course, please feel free to forward this to your supervisors I am more than happy to speak with them at any time at how helpful you have been to us.

Hope you have a great week and get some time to relax and enjoy… the quarter is fast approaching!


Thanks to our experts for delivering intelligent value!

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