Investor Relations Officers ~ Class of 2015!

Twice a year, the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) offers an excellent seminar on the fundamental skills needed for the art and science of Investor Relations. Split between Boston, MA in September and Santa Monica, CA in last week, over 250 IR newbies gathered to learn. As a sponsor, we had the opportunity to ask attendees two questions.

Selfishly, we asked these questions to help us understand the personas of who we support with our communications and compliance services. Being a proponent of a transparent industry, we posted the results from just Boston here. Note: there was no regional difference to the responses. The results below are both coasts combined.


As noted in September, the incoming class are highly financial-based – 2:1 compared to communictions-based. An opinion could be that the always increasing complexity of the capital markets warrants a very strong financial background. Also, the services we (and others) offer GREATLY simplify the tasks needed for shareholder communications – perhaps lessening the tactical communications burden so issuers can focus on strategy. Having the right tool does matter.

One observation: a very small percentage of sell-side analysts (and zero buy-side) came to the NIRI seminar. Anecdotally the industry “buzz” has been that the demise of the sell-side has pushed those ex-Wall Street folks into IR, but this survey does not support that. It could be that the analysts don’t feel they require “IR training” and don’t join NIRI. This may change as NIRI expands to create a IR certification program.


These results support the more traditional view of IR being a medley of pasts.

Have a great day – and book YOUR trip for NIRI’s Annual Conference, Chicago, June 11 – 15, 2015.

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