Nous sommes une famille – je ai eu toutes mes sœurs avec moi !

I cannot vouch for the French Canadian accuracy of the headline above, (click here) however the family pride is clear: congratulations to our sister company, CNW, a PR Newswire company, for the continued endorsement from the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) for newswire and financial results webcasting services. TSX has endorsed CNW’s newswire services since 2003.

From the TSX:

“We feel the CNW brand speaks to quality, integrity and expertise,” said Ungad Chadda, Senior Vice President, Toronto Stock Exchange. “We use CNW for our own investor relations communications and find their one-stop-shop approach helpful in reducing complexity. CNW‘s services also fit well with what we provide to our issuers through our TSX Company Services offering.”

CNW and TSX have worked closely together for many years to provide listed companies with the support they need to succeed as a publicly listed organisation. It’s important to emphasis that CNW support does not stop at the border…


…all CNW clients have seamless access to the full quiver of the global services of PR Newswire and Vintage as well. This is especially important for Canadian companies who are listed on the USA stock exchanges.

CNW_cmyk1Again, congrats to the hard working service and solutions teams at CNW who earned this honor ~  and thank you to the Toronto Stock Exchange for your due diligence and confidence on behalf of your issuers. Success has no language barrier. 

Passez une bonne journée.



2 responses to “Nous sommes une famille – je ai eu toutes mes sœurs avec moi !

  1. OMG this is the best

  2. Bravo et merci beaucoup!!!

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