How Investors Consume Content Q#15: Have you ever physically attended an Annual Shareholder Meeting?

From inside the industry, Annual Shareholder Meetings (ASM) tend to fall into three camps: 1.) activists at the gate, 2.) a full “investomers” marketing affair or 3.) a big nothing.

When I worked at a US-listed company, I arranged our ASM’s first live webcast. After the event, I called the SVP and asked her impression.  “It was great. It only lasted 17 minutes and no one asked any questions.” Obviously, that’s not a marketing communications mindset.


Activist and proxy fights aside, the ASM (exactly like a perfect annual report) is another easy opportunity to talk with shareholders in your own voice. 40% of investors report they are involved with ASMs. One point – forgiving my commercial bias towards webcasting – everyone should be webcasting the annual meeting, even if it’s just audio and slides. I’ll look into this more.

In addition to webcasting, we help issuers prepare for their next annual report budget by auditing their most current annual report and proxy printing, page-by-page.  Simply upload your 2013 annual report PDF here.

Have a great day

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