Survey results 2013 v. 2014: Is investor relations tweeting?

Once again, we asked IR clients and prospects their view on social media. For the best apples-to-apples comparison, we asked exactly the same audience the exact same questions we asked one year ago.


BELOW: Small adoption, year over year.



BELOW: Most all the “other” comments can be summarized by this verbatim comment: “No real demand by investors.”  This does seem to align with what investors told us.



BELOW: Perhaps the “yes” and “no” decisiveness for 2014 v. 2013 show a maturity of decision making and understanding of what social media is and is not. Interesting that the 2% “yes” from last year is equal to the 2% adoption indicated on the first question.  



BELOW: If tweeting, IR departments are slowly taking control of their own outbound. This may need a data parse by market-cap later. 



BELOW: Just FYI. Overall, the study received 970 responses. 


View this study as “trending data” and not as any “IR needs to take action and do XYZ .” Our view has been solid on this topic. Social media is a news channel – and individual companies should adopt it OR NOT per their own shareholder communications mosaic strategy. It’s not a wasteland but it’s not sliced bread either.


Here is a whitepaper download on the topic.

Here are blog discussions on the topic.

Here is a fancy-schmacy version of the 2013 results.


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