WEBINAR 12/9: Proxy Materials Logistics 101: a primer for small and micro-cap companies

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DATE: December 9, 2014
TIME: 2:00 PM ET

“What are the exact steps I need to follow to manage my Proxy Materials and Annual Report?”

The trending discussions regarding planning for the upcoming Proxy and annual shareholder meeting season have all been about reacting to the escalating amount of shareholder activism.

However, as important as those conversation are, they do not affect the lionshare of issuers and have added confusion to small and newly public companies. These Emerging Growth Companies are trying to focus on what is truly germane to their organization.

This webinar will offer tangible guidance and step-by-step how to execute a successful proxy season including:

  • Important definitions and vocabulary
  • Proposal categories: discretionary and non discretionary
  • Broker discretionary voting
  • Types of shareholders: registered, NOBO and OBO
  • Shareholder meeting documents
  • Timelines and deadlines
  • Card creation
  • Costs and budget-trimming ideas
  • Distribution agents
  • MORE!

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This industry educational event is hosted by:

2 responses to “WEBINAR 12/9: Proxy Materials Logistics 101: a primer for small and micro-cap companies

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